Sigil and the doorway to nowhere

Our First Mistake

Our party meet with the merchant Tarn, who offered us a few hundred gold for a simple retrieval mission. We thought figured the mission is well below our capability, so we took it for some easy gold. I hate charity work, what happened is worth far more than what we actually got paid, not to mention we will never see the other half of our pay! We should have listened to that stupid dragon born who was rambling like a mad man. So anyways, the recap of events:
We tracked down Shoja after a little questioning and a little extra brute strength, he took off running. Yeah, he tried to run from me, a beast. So of course, I stalked the pray till he turned down a dark alley. I almost feel flat on my face when he simply sidestepped my pounce. I swear I will kill him for that. He revealed himself to be some sort of ugly being in disguise, with a couple of partners as well. If hes friends hadn’t dragged me into that stupid building, I would have killed him. Okay, maybe not, pack leader wanted to keep him alive. But I would of had some fun after we drained him of his knowledge. How dare he embarrass me by dodging my attack. Anyways, the prey fled, and we slaughtered his friends. Well almost all of them, we trapped his worthless friends in the basement of a building in front of a portal. We killed one, and knocked the other out. The unconscious one was to stupid to just fall in the room, no he had to fall through the portal. Phaeng being the ever faithful pet lept straight through the portal to fetch the unconscious one, and we just had to follow. So now we are in this burning hot cave, with this ugly being. I have no idea where in the world we are, I just want to go home. We never should have followed that dumb circus animal.



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