City of Doors. City of Secrets. Doorway to Everywhere. Sigil is a pocket dimension, unlike any other. Shaped like a giant torus, the inside has been covered with buildings of all purposes, sizes, and architectural styles, from practically every race in the multiverse. Free space being at a premium, almost the entire surface is covered with buildings. The few known parks and gardens charge exorbitant fees to visitors. Sigil is broadly split into six (or five depending on whom you speak with) wards:

The Lower Ward is the “work district”. Full of factories and privately owned portals that bring in much of the raw resources that keep Sigil functioning.

The Ladys Ward is the where the wealthiest beings live. It boasts the closest thing to a City Guard in all of Sigil, a private militia jointly funded by many of the richest families.

The Market Ward is likely your first stop in search of wares of every stripe. If you can’t find it here, your chances of finding it elsewhere and getting out alive are slim. Many who work here during the day live in the [[Lady’s Ward]].

The Guildhall Ward houses Sigil’s service industry. In many cases literally, as the services provided cover every stripe imaginable, and are often performed at employers location.

The Clerks Ward is the best place to find information, if you have coin, and know who to talk to. It is also home to the majority of the City’s Bureaucrats.

The Hive is not considered to be a ward by many people. It’s the most dangerous place in Sigil (if not the entire multiverse). It’s the best place to get a slit throat or get rid of your wallet, but if you need something you can’t find in the Market Ward probably the Hive is your only hope.

Many guides and tales describe Sigil, but most get many things wrong. For starters there’s the scale. It has been compared in size to Genvi Zijk, Krada and Woskam the largest cities on the continent of Kell, but it is far larger. Estimates have placed it anywhere from 200 sq/miles to nearly 1000, but the exact dimensions will likely never be known. Another major misconception is that there is no cosmology to the place, merely a magical night and day. In fact there are two orbs that spin within Sigil, however the ever present smog and smoke from factories diffuses much of the light, leaving most visitors with a false impression. Yet on those rare days where the effluence from the factories is light the Suns can clearly be seen, and sometimes even the Skyriver’s glint can be made out. -From The Truth about the Outer Planes by Tolmas Sevorn


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