Empire of Dwarves and Men

The Tehr’Kellien Empire

Several thousand years ago the Dwarves and Men allied to push back the darkness of Shadowfell from the land. They accomplished this and more, forging an empire unmatched in recorded history. However in the waning centuries the Empire carried on mainly due to momentum and bureaucracy. When Shadowfell’s power began to wax again red tape and tradition were insufficient to stem the tide. The Empire’s foundations, weakened by the dry rot of negligence and graft, began to crumble a little over two decades ago and now the continent of Kell is covered with a diversity of kingdoms and countries each trying to stave off the threat of Shadowfell in their own ways.

Many blame the militia, which had become largely ceremonial. Others blamed the wizards who had branched into esoterica. Most blamed the complacency of King and Country. Regardless of who was at fault the sad truth is most kingdoms have been reduced to a shadow of their former glory, and the golden age that the Dwarves had brought to the land with the help of Men and others has come to a crashing end.

Trade and Travel are nigh non-existent. Strangers no longer are greeted with warmth. Wilderness and Night are now both to be feared. Those who could have fled to Sigil, City of Doors. Only time will tell if they will be safe there.

Empire of Dwarves and Men

Sigil and the doorway to nowhere Tolmas_Sevorn