Sigil and the doorway to nowhere

It Never Ends

So far this mission has been nothing but trouble for us, as we continue to fight out way through these ancient ruins. After a long search we finally managed to see the sun on this world, and promptly wished we hadn’t, and the sky is yellow and the sun appears to be dying, and the world itself appears to be unnatural. The very plants themselves attacked us, and we were chased back inside the caverns we had been exploring. Not that I complain about that, as I don’t think I have ever been so eager to head underground as I was under that yellow sky.

We lost the psion earlier, only to replace him with a bugbear who keeps on saying that the world is angry. I don’t understand exactly what he means but I figure that the less time we spend here the better. We continued exploring the ruins, finding what appeared to be the ruins of a blacksmith and a former library. In the library few books were left but Vorgyrn took those that remained so he could study them and find any information he could get on this blasted world.

So far since we left the portal room in this direction we have fought nothing but ghostly apparitions, apparently minions of some great evil or something. Vorgyrn knows more about that than I do, however even he doesn’t know much. This glowing blue lady keeps appearing to us, giving us aid and telling us we need to finish off the minions of the evil guy or bad things will happen. I can’t be certain what will happen, but since we need to keep exploring to see if we can find more supplies and possibly another exit to these ruins, we will most likely be facing more of these ghosts.”

A turn for the worse

I fully doubt the situation could be worse. As I write this, I and the others trapped in this forsaken cavern network sit at a dead end, worn and battered. I and my fellow mercenary Harahhld were at last ‘rescued’ by a psion who was inserted, along with a comatose skulk, into this hell hole, only to find that we were in a network of caves inhabited by strange monsters. The skulk knew little about his kinds plans (about as much as I had learned so far; revenge on the Tieflings for past wrongs), and knew not how to escape this dreadful place. With little hope of reinforcement from the psions allies (I assume them dead, due to the strange nature of the portal that brought us here), we forged onward through one of the two doorways leading out of the room. The way was filled with naught but peril, and as we descended deeper into the caverns we encountered starved lizards, a psionic snake that actually paid us to spare its life, and a cavern brimming with the undead. No exit from this place has presented itself, and we have resolved to try the opposite doorway.


Our First Mistake

Our party meet with the merchant Tarn, who offered us a few hundred gold for a simple retrieval mission. We thought figured the mission is well below our capability, so we took it for some easy gold. I hate charity work, what happened is worth far more than what we actually got paid, not to mention we will never see the other half of our pay! We should have listened to that stupid dragon born who was rambling like a mad man. So anyways, the recap of events:
We tracked down Shoja after a little questioning and a little extra brute strength, he took off running. Yeah, he tried to run from me, a beast. So of course, I stalked the pray till he turned down a dark alley. I almost feel flat on my face when he simply sidestepped my pounce. I swear I will kill him for that. He revealed himself to be some sort of ugly being in disguise, with a couple of partners as well. If hes friends hadn’t dragged me into that stupid building, I would have killed him. Okay, maybe not, pack leader wanted to keep him alive. But I would of had some fun after we drained him of his knowledge. How dare he embarrass me by dodging my attack. Anyways, the prey fled, and we slaughtered his friends. Well almost all of them, we trapped his worthless friends in the basement of a building in front of a portal. We killed one, and knocked the other out. The unconscious one was to stupid to just fall in the room, no he had to fall through the portal. Phaeng being the ever faithful pet lept straight through the portal to fetch the unconscious one, and we just had to follow. So now we are in this burning hot cave, with this ugly being. I have no idea where in the world we are, I just want to go home. We never should have followed that dumb circus animal.

Time to pass the torch

Well spring is here. The first floor of the apt. complex is nearly done, and the basics of the second are in place. Whoever designed this building is an idiot. Any dwarfgineer knows that corners are the most difficult part of a vertical building to build, and he’s designed the building with double the requisite number.

Also we have a complete lack of military, jack for weapons thanks to the lackluster mineral yields of the area, and a growing pet problem. The next manager certainly has their work cut out for them.

Winter has come.

Winter has arrived. We managed to do a bit of meager trade with the caravan from the mountainhome. Hopefully the fact we left them with a vastly superior bargain will make them bring us some nice metal next time. We need it, this land is severely lacking.

Our wall is complete. We’ve got a few cage traps setup at the only entrance. Hopefully that will discourage any casual theives whilst we train up a military. I’m going to leave that to my successor. I have started building an apartment building for the dwarves. Hopefully I can get at least the first couple floors done soon, this sleeping on the ground is getting old.

First Autumn in Windmirrors

The wall is almost up. Maybe we can get it done before the caravan gets here. There are sure to be filth and vagabonds not far behind. We’ve now dedicated two dwarves to coring the mountain, looking for metal producing ores. Still no luck. Maybe this is a bad site.

Yanni had been disappearing for days on end. We finally found out he was building a still. He agreed to bring it back to the fortress on the condition that we wouldn’t beat the living daylights out of him. Of course we don’t mind a still here. And it’s totally legal. What was she thinking?

Summer is here.

It’s now Summer in Windmirrors. We’ve got a fair bit industry going, but this place is so damn flat. Also the rock is pretty much crap. Reg found a bit of sphalorite, but nothing really that we can turn into weapons or picks or armor. Mostly just a lot of shist. We need to either get some defenses up, or train up a militia of some kind. It won’t be long until the caravans come. Hell we have go to start making some crap to trade with them.

For the glory of Mestthos Tat

We have arrived at WIndmirrors. There are rumours of cougars. More as we have time.

Foiled again

Well apparently that build of Dwarf Fortress had a bug, and didn’t save properly. Crap.

Now starts the tale of the fortress Windmirrors, and the dwarves with The Big Tools. With any I’ll actually be able to save this time and we can actually do this succession game.

Intensegears 4

So Autumn is here. Damn time flies. The housing project is well underway. In fact it was going so well we forgot entirely about trade. When the caravan showed up we fed the liaison a line about our stores being really deep underground, and it would take us a bit to get the goods up to the depot. Thankfully he bought the story. We proceeded to build a craftdwarfs workshop as close as we could w/out arousing suspicion and Alath took a break from mining to turn out as much trinkets as she could at top speed. They’ll probably mostly be crap, but we can’t have the king thinking we’re out here twiddling our thumbs. He doesn’t need to know we’re putting our comfort first, and making a workable economy second. Hell, if we do prove the noble’s idea is workable, things could well be worse for us. Oh damn, there’s the liason again. Hey! Hey, don’t stop, come down here I’ll show you the gardens, and we can get a drink and talk. No there’s nothing interesting going on in there.


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