Sigil and the doorway to nowhere

Intensegears 3

Summer has arrived. The still is in production, our underground farm is growing food fast enough to feed us all with excess left over even after producing enough alcohol. Aaron has started work on beds so we can actually sleep comfortably, as well as some barrels to hold all the alcohol Yanni is brewing. Our miners have started excavating down to look for some fine seems of rock with which to make metal weapons and armor. We also need rocks to build a wall. It would probably be easier to just relocate everything underground, but the nobles insist we should have some of our settlement open to the sky. Whatever, as long as they put in a solid dwarfsweek of work like the rest of we’ll do things their way.

Intensegears 2

So we’re halfway through spring and things are going better then we have any reason to expect. The forge is up, we’ve got an axe now, and Evan is working on making us some more picks. Everyone else has been jealous of Alath, as she’s the only one who has been able to mine. Our stores are holding out, and the gardens are just going in. Hopefully we’ll have a first crop well before we run out of alcohol or anything less important.

Dwarf Fortress: Rinulolon Intensegears

So these nobles made the king of Kantulon look bad by suggesting a hypothetical economy based on coins would be superior to our current system. In a pique of charitableness he gave them the opportunity to prove it. Unfortunately for Aaron, Evan and myself, we’ve been hired to help them accomplish this.

We have arrived. Hopefully there is enough time to delve secure lodgings ere the alligators get hungry.

DF: Take Three

Well, the first attempt there was a chasm all the way to the lowest Z-Level. Before the wagon had even been disassembled Antmen and Batmen boiled out of the caves, flew up and slaughtered Evan and one of the hapless nobles. So I started another game. Finished year one. Got a LOT accomplished. Sealable fortress with a small outside courtyard. The start of a ridiculously dangerous housing project. Forging of Iron items well under way. Hell could have started in on steel if we wanted. 20 dwarves, one of which was already possessed, though he only made an awesome crown. So anyways, spring hit last night and I new I wasn’t going to be up to writing up the first year at 4am so I saved it, and went to bed. Low and behold, I get up this morning and load it up for reference for my writeup, and the data is corrupted. Fudgenuggets.

Third time is the charm, right?!

Dwarf Fortress Succession Game: Bookglow: The Comedic Barricade
This Adventure log is temporarily being repurposed to house a record of the events in a succession game of Dwarf Fortress.

We have arrived. After a journey from the Mountainhomes into the forbidding wilderness beyond, our harsh trek has finally ended. Our party of seven is to make an outpost for the glory of all of Zefon Goden. At least that’s the official party line. In actuality several dwarves are officials who made some poor political choices a little to publicly. They hired the other three of us to aid them in their exile. Already I am regretting the decision. Bookglow will probably be the death of us all.

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