Sigil and the doorway to nowhere

It Never Ends

So far this mission has been nothing but trouble for us, as we continue to fight out way through these ancient ruins. After a long search we finally managed to see the sun on this world, and promptly wished we hadn’t, and the sky is yellow and the sun appears to be dying, and the world itself appears to be unnatural. The very plants themselves attacked us, and we were chased back inside the caverns we had been exploring. Not that I complain about that, as I don’t think I have ever been so eager to head underground as I was under that yellow sky.

We lost the psion earlier, only to replace him with a bugbear who keeps on saying that the world is angry. I don’t understand exactly what he means but I figure that the less time we spend here the better. We continued exploring the ruins, finding what appeared to be the ruins of a blacksmith and a former library. In the library few books were left but Vorgyrn took those that remained so he could study them and find any information he could get on this blasted world.

So far since we left the portal room in this direction we have fought nothing but ghostly apparitions, apparently minions of some great evil or something. Vorgyrn knows more about that than I do, however even he doesn’t know much. This glowing blue lady keeps appearing to us, giving us aid and telling us we need to finish off the minions of the evil guy or bad things will happen. I can’t be certain what will happen, but since we need to keep exploring to see if we can find more supplies and possibly another exit to these ruins, we will most likely be facing more of these ghosts.”




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