Sigil and the doorway to nowhere

Intensegears 4

So Autumn is here. Damn time flies. The housing project is well underway. In fact it was going so well we forgot entirely about trade. When the caravan showed up we fed the liaison a line about our stores being really deep underground, and it would take us a bit to get the goods up to the depot. Thankfully he bought the story. We proceeded to build a craftdwarfs workshop as close as we could w/out arousing suspicion and Alath took a break from mining to turn out as much trinkets as she could at top speed. They’ll probably mostly be crap, but we can’t have the king thinking we’re out here twiddling our thumbs. He doesn’t need to know we’re putting our comfort first, and making a workable economy second. Hell, if we do prove the noble’s idea is workable, things could well be worse for us. Oh damn, there’s the liason again. Hey! Hey, don’t stop, come down here I’ll show you the gardens, and we can get a drink and talk. No there’s nothing interesting going on in there.



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