Sigil and the doorway to nowhere

A turn for the worse

I fully doubt the situation could be worse. As I write this, I and the others trapped in this forsaken cavern network sit at a dead end, worn and battered. I and my fellow mercenary Harahhld were at last ‘rescued’ by a psion who was inserted, along with a comatose skulk, into this hell hole, only to find that we were in a network of caves inhabited by strange monsters. The skulk knew little about his kinds plans (about as much as I had learned so far; revenge on the Tieflings for past wrongs), and knew not how to escape this dreadful place. With little hope of reinforcement from the psions allies (I assume them dead, due to the strange nature of the portal that brought us here), we forged onward through one of the two doorways leading out of the room. The way was filled with naught but peril, and as we descended deeper into the caverns we encountered starved lizards, a psionic snake that actually paid us to spare its life, and a cavern brimming with the undead. No exit from this place has presented itself, and we have resolved to try the opposite doorway.




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