Sigil: City of Doors

You might be looking for information on the monthly Dark Sun campaign that is a subset of this campaign.

Hard times have fallen upon the world-in-between. In the last few decades Shadowfell has grown ascendant and the Empire of Dwarves and Men has fallen apart. Those kingdoms the have not crumbled are either besieged by the forces of darkness at worst, or cut off from the rest of the world. Truly these are dark times.

Many fled to Sigil to escape the encroaching darkness. The most prudent (or most cowardly depending on whom you talk to) resettled here approximately twenty five years ago, but the influx has grown continuously until these last few years. Some say that the cessation of fresh blood is due to Shadwofell having finally won while others point to the fading power of the portals. Regardless of the reason few enter or leave Sigil from the in-between world these days. Consequently there is also less information about the goings on out in the material plane.

Why are YOU in Sigil?

  • My parents fled here many years ago. If I was not born here I was at least raised here. Sigil is my home!
  • Last year an Orcus cult discovered our settlement which had until then remained hidden in a secluded valley. The mayor sent the best and brightest of us here to try and find a new place for our people to call home.
  • Fleecing burgers is so easy. They come into Sigil still expecting to be protected by the laws from their hometowns. Another couple of years of this and I can pay off my debts and retire in style.
  • The man who killed my family out came here. They are dead and enslaved, but at the least I can find him and get revenge. Maybe if I am lucky I can even find a way to free them unto the peace of death.
  • The Tome of Arcear has been lost upon the mortal plane. Within it’s pages lies the secret to the powers I seek. It’s location may be lost, but nothing remains lost forever in Sigil.
  • Now the that walled city of Clairemont has sealed itself shut to protect it’s people from the darkness, work has become scarce for one such as myself, barring the militia, which I don’t intend to join. My last mission took me briefly to Sigil. Now that it’s done I’ve come back, and maybe I can find work here. Real work.

These seeds have the potential to grow into a background, perhaps even yours. They are by no means the only possibilities though.

More information will be added to the wiki.

Sigil and the doorway to nowhere

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